Leaders in Sponsorship offers a series of unique, interactive workshops that are led by the top figures and innovators in the industry, draw on the expertise of the audience, and offer deeper insight into a number of key sports sponsorship topics. Taking place in the Millennium Boxes at Stamford Bridge, they are “invite-only” with no media, agencies or suppliers allowed, and offer an intimate environment away from the main conference platforms for smaller groups of senior executives.

Leaders in Sponsorship 2013 Workshops included:

The Secrets of Sponsor Retention

McLaren are one of the most successful motor racing brands in the world has a heritage of partnerships with major international brands. Here, John Allert will explore how McLaren have worked alongside sponsors, some for over 30 years, and will explain the role that data plays in the process.

Speaker: John Allert, Group Brand Director, McLaren F1



The Evolution of Content – Best Practice and Innovation in Sponsorship Content Marketing

For years Brands have seen huge value in creating their own content to meet marketing objectives, from Coca-Cola’s Street Striker to webisodes distributed via social media channels such as the Nivea Great Football Experiment and Wembley FC. But as sports fans change their viewing habits, how is content evolving to ensure brands communicate to consumers in a compelling and engaging way? Is content creation still an important part of sponsorship activation or has content evolved so much that it stands up in its own right, reducing the need for brands to part with huge sums of money to by rights?

Together with Budweiser and The FA, this invitation-only workshop will look at how best in class sponsorship and new content marketing strategies have evolved from 2 angles, (i) Fan created (ii) Brand created, and how Federations can best support that new approach.

The session will examine the challenges, opportunities and business impact this evolving Sponsorship Content Marketing model presents, and offer insight into:

Importance to be authentic (by understanding the fan)
- Why creating content has to resonate with fans or it dies
- Football Passion drivers
- Nivea for Men case study

How new technology and new digital platforms will help brands deliver more authentic campaign
- Budweiser FA Cup TVC – User generated content at its finest

Sponsorship vs platform creation and having total control of your content
- Vodafone TBA / XXXX Island / Australia’s Greatest Athlete
- Wembley FC

Speakers: Christian Flouch, Senior Brand Manager, AB InBev & Peter Daire, Group Head of Sponsorship, The FA